100+ Funny Speech Topics

“One loses everything when one loses his sense of humor” – Ayn Rand.

People with a cool sense of humor will always be the center of attraction. They are the center of parties. They are the ones in the spotlight.

The thing about boring people is that no one really likes to be with them and everyone is looking for an excuse to get out. Everyone is trying to get out and it is as if there is this big circle around them that has a neon sign that says, “Warning, boring person. Stay away.”

Being funny is more than just being a smooth talker. It means you are the smartest person in the room. To have a good sense of humor, you need to be able to think ahead. You need to be able to think what others cannot think.

Needless to say that you need to be real quick. Of course, these people with an amazing sense of humor are always liked. What is not to like about them? They are witty, they are fast, they have this aroma of astonishing personality around them.

Tips to deliver a funny speech

1. Have a solid content

Well, you cant say a knock-knock joke and expect the world to laugh hurting their stomach. You need to have solid content. Until and unless you really have something amazing, you are not going to deliver something amazing.

2. Body Language

Body languages play a massive role when it comes to delivering funny speeches. Your eyes need to coordinate what you speak and so do your hands. Body languge has a massive role in funny speeches.

3. Fluctuate the pitch of your voice

Don’t be monotonous. Make your voice hit the crests, make it hit the trough. This is what will keep people more engaged and make the speech look more spontaneous. No one is there to listen to the news. So, crank it up a notch a bit, let it go highs, and let it go lows. 

4. Give more emphasis to the best points

Let’s be honest here, all the points you speak in the speeches are not going to be gold standard ones. Make sure you know what your punch line is and give maximum time to hammer that point home.

5. Make sure you are delivering the speeches as the environment demands

If I am delivering a speech to an elderly population, I would not go with the latest trends of technologies or anything they are not acquainted with.

If the population is new and more of an outgoing one, then I’d probably not quote the happenings of the 14th century. It is critical to know the audience and adjust your speech likewise.

6. Make sure that your start and ends are of the gold standard

A solid start gives you a grip and the attention of the crowd as well as the judges. It helps you make a proper foundation for the speech.

The ending is what serves as the desert. It is what you will be remembered for in the eyes of both the audience and the judges.

7. Beat them with confidence

Speak with confidence as if the entire world is listening. Have a commanding voice. Don’t speak like you’re just another person. Confidence comes from preparation and having solid content. Make sure you have them both.

8. Don’t make it look like a rehearsed speech

If you are a newbie, then chances are that the speech looks like a well-rehearsed and practiced one (may appear like a person reading the news). Strictly avoid that. Use jokes and change of tone to combat it.

9. Eye Contacts

This is not new. If you don’t speak by making eye contact, then you don’t become commanding enough. If you can’t give them the vibe that you are someone, even with the best speech you are not going to win.

10. Have stories in your speech

People love stories. They love the imagination and fascination the story brings. So, it might come in handy to include a couple of stories and a few experiences of your own. This gets the audience engaged.

Funny and Persuasive Speech Topics

1. The upside of having a bad memory.

2. Why you should never take life too seriously.

3. Why comic books are actually good for you.

4. How to be a master procrastinator.

5. How to make the perfect paper airplane.

6. Why Pirates are actually the good guys.

7. Why you should always root for the underdog.

8. How to be a couch potato and still stay in shape.

9. The benefits of sleeping in on the weekends.

10. Why napping is actually good for you.

11. How to make the perfect snowball.

12. How to have a conversation with a cat.

13. How to survive a zombie apocalypse.

14. Why unicorns are actually real.

15. How to catch a leprechaun.

16. Why you should never wake a sleeping dragon.

17. The benefits of eating junk food.

18. How to make the perfect fort.

19. Why you should always believe in magic.

20. How to turn a frog into a prince.

21. How to make a wish come true.

22. The importance of always being yourself.

23. How to make the perfect snowman.

24. How to catch Santa Claus.

25. How to get out of doing chores.

26. How to make a boring day fun.

27. How to trick your parents into letting you do what you want.

28. The benefits of eating dessert first.

29. Why you should never give up on your dreams.

30. How to be happy no matter what.

Funny but Informative Speech Topics

1. How to become rich without winning the lottery.

2. How to be popular without being a Kardashian.

3. The history of the world’s most controversial emoji.

4. Why pandas are actually really lazy animals.

5. How to make the perfect PB&J sandwich.

6. The science behind why we love cats.

7. Why dogs are actually man’s best friend.

8. The benefits of sleeping in on the weekends.

9. How to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

10. Why you should never trust a duck.

11. How to get over your fear of public speaking.

12. The pros and cons of being a morning person.

13. Why you should always trust your gut instinct.

14. How to make the perfect cup of tea.

15. Why you should never work with children or animals.

16. The benefits of a healthy diet.

17. How to get over your ex.

18. Why you should never take relationship advice from your friends.

19. The pros and cons of social media.

20. How to deal with haters.

21. The art of the perfect selfie.

22. How to be a successful student.

23. The benefits of exercise.

24. How to make new friends.

25. The importance of a positive attitude.

26. How to deal with failure.

27. The keys to happiness.

28. How to be a successful entrepreneur.

29. The difference between men and women.

30. How to be a good listener.

31. The importance of communication in relationships.

32. The importance of body language.

Impromptu, Funny Speech Topics

1. The worst that can happen when you mix food and love.

2. How to be a good liar without getting caught.

3. The benefits of being a know-it-all.

4. Why we should all learn to do the moonwalk like Michael Jackson.

5. How to beat procrastination once and for all.

6. How to make a really bad first impression.

7. The art of people watching and what you can learn from it.

8. The joys of being single and why it’s better than being in a relationship.

9. Why we love reality TV even though we know it’s trash.

10. How to be a master of procrastination.

11. The merits of being a shopaholic and why it’s good for the economy.

12. How to be popular without even trying.

13. Why being an introvert is actually awesome.

14. How to make small talk interesting (or at least bearable).

15. How to be a great wingman/wingwoman.

16. The art of being a hermit and why it’s underrated.

17. Why we love to hate on celebrities even though we secretly admire them.

18. How to be a great kisser (based on extensive research, of course).

19. The benefits of being a couch potato.

20. How to be a master of flirting without even trying.

21. The art of the prank and why it’s so satisfying.

22. Why being lazy is actually awesome.

23. The joys of sleep and why we can’t live without it.

24. How to make the perfect cup of coffee (or tea, depending on your preference).

25. The benefits of daydreaming and why it’s good for you.

26. How to be a great procrastinator.

27. The joys of being single and why it’s better than being in a relationship.

28. Why we love reality TV even though we know it’s trash.

29. How to be popular without even trying.

30. The best way to avoid getting sick during the winter season.

31. How to get over your ex in just a few days.

32. The worst pick-up lines that you have ever heard.

33. The most embarrassing moments of your life.

34. How to deal with a difficult boss or co-worker.

35. Why you should never break up with someone via text message.

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