11 Best Graduation Speech Topics, Themes & Ideas

graduation speech topics & themes

Graduations are a time-honored tradition and for good reasons. They provide a chance for the class of the year to come together one last time, celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family, and listen to a few words of wisdom from students and faculty members. It’s also a time when many people reflect on their … Read More

Problem Solution Speech Topics, Outline & Examples

delivering problem-solution speech

The problem solution speech is a type of informative speech that enumerates various problems and provides possible solutions to those problems. If you have been asked to give such a speech, your goal should be to explain the problem and provide realistic and achievable suggestions to address it. In most cases, problem solution speeches are … Read More

Best Attention Getters for Effective Speeches

good attention getters for effective speeches

It’s show time! You have the audience in front of you and it’s time to give the speech of your life. But before you even start, you need to get their attention. After all, how can you change their lives if they’re not even listening? If you watch some of the more successful public speakers, … Read More

Self-Introduction Speech Ideas, Topics And Outline

man delivering a self-introduction speech

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to introduce yourself. In any social situation, whether it’s a job interview or a first date, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. And yet, so often, people freeze up when it comes time to say something about themselves. Part … Read More

Tribute Speech Topics, Outline, And Examples

delivering a tribute speech

A tribute speech is a type of commemorative speech that is typically given to honor someone else. The focus of a tribute speech is to highlight the positive attributes and accomplishments of the person, institution, event, idea, or place being honored. Tribute speeches often make use of personal anecdotes and stories of hope, trust, kindness, … Read More

100+ Impromptu Speech Topics

delivering an impromptu speech topic

An impromptu speech is a speech that is not planned or written in advance. The speaker has to think on their feet and come up with something compelling to say, often in a very short amount of time. It is usually given in response to a prompt, such as a question from an audience member … Read More

100+ Funny Speech Topics

funny speech topics

“One loses everything when one loses his sense of humor” – Ayn Rand. People with a cool sense of humor will always be the center of attraction. They are the center of parties. They are the ones in the spotlight. The thing about boring people is that no one really likes to be with them … Read More

100+ Best Argumentative Speech Topics

delivering argumentative speech

“Everything in the world is relative, my dear Watson”, said the legendary fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. You have accepted the rising of the sun in the East and setting in the East as a gospel. But the sun does not rise, the sun does not set. The sun just sits there; a big yellow ball … Read More